The Seduction: Secrets Unbound… ArtPoint’s Annual Gala

Venue Legion of Honor Event Date Saturday, May 12, 2018 Event Photos Available Here  

More than 600 Bay Area young professionals gathered with ArtPoint at the Legion of Honor Museum for The Seduction: Secrets Unbound… ArtPoint Gala 2018,  a black-tie fête in honor of Casanova: The Seduction of Europe.

In line with the theme of mystery and discovery, the evening’s events were kept under wraps until guests arrived. Guests received identical white mask upon entry, conjuring up images of Sleep No More as a sea of masked guests took in surprise performances from noted opera singer Gustavo Hernandez, contortionist Rebecca Yruegas, and a string quartet. Performance artists adorned in capes and bodysuits stalked through the space, adding a layer of titillating unpredictability.

Event Chairs: Liz Curtis, Sarah Lee, and Patricia Ivancich Dassios

Banquet Chairs: Louella Aquino and Alexander Sweet

Host Committee: Charlie Adamski, Ahlem Baccouche, EJ Blumberg, Steve Chen, Gary Coover, Angelos Dassios, Ali Fernbach, Eric Froemling, Sarah Gammill, Kate Gorrissen, Samantha Hartwell, Ann Cheney Haslup, Ryan Hoffman, Melita Jampol, Ayelet Konrad, Samantha Livermore, Tatiana Mateus, Jaimie Mayer, Ariane Nalty, Brennen Ogawa, Daniele Rocha, Amanda Sargisson, Dave Saxe, Kati Schmidt, Anne M. Stauffer, Emily Tzouanakis, Nicole Ward-Parr, Kevin Whittaker, Forrest Wittenmeier, Charles Zewe

2017-2018 Presenting Sponsor: Alaska Airlines

Event Sponsors: Campari America, JCB Collection, Priest Ranch Winery, Groth Vineyards & Winery, and Nello Olivo Winery

Images © Drew Altizer Photography