An evening of libations, appetizers, and beautiful curiosities.

With special thanks to our Patron Supporters!

Last Wednesday we had the opportunity to spend a little time with the Patron Supporters of our upcoming Valentine's Gala. Our Patrons Party was as much a "Thank you!" to this lovely group of people, as it was the official kick off to our 2013 season of events.

The event took place at Cavalier by Jay Jeffers, a shop for "all that is uncommon and collected." Guests sipped Lillet, and sampled a selection of wine provided by Stash Wines, while enjoying a beautiful spread of cheese and crudités from Union Street Catering.

Party photos have been posted, courtesy of Moanalani Jeffrey. You can view our favorites on Flickr, and see the full set on her Smug Mug gallery.

With special thanks to our Patron Supporters: Thomas Barrett, Matthew D. Barton, Lydia Bergman, Belinda Berry, Charles Bueche, Kees Elmes, Kate Gorrissen, Malita Jampol, Christopher T. Lane, Margaret and Kevin Lynch, Doug Mandell, Laura Mathieux, Leslie Miller and Joseph Miller, Blake Pearson, Charles Rashall, Joshua Reynolds, Sandra Russell, David Saxe, Steve Waterhouse, Wine & Wall