Who Won Design Star Next Gen8 min read

Aug 27, 2022 6 min

Who Won Design Star Next Gen8 min read

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The winners of the eighth season of the popular HGTV show “Design Star” were recently announced. The show pits a group of aspiring interior designers against each other in a series of challenges, with the winner being crowned the “next design star.”

The three finalists were all women: Emily Henderson, Tiffany Brooks, and Danielle Colding. In the end, Henderson was crowned the winner.

Henderson is a self-proclaimed “junk collector” who has a unique and eclectic style. She plans to use her winnings to open her own design firm.

Brooks is a former police officer who specializes in using reclaimed materials in her designs.

Colding is a former event planner who is known for her glamorous, over-the-top designs.

All of the finalists had impressive portfolios, so it was a difficult decision for the judges to choose a winner. In the end, Henderson’s unique vision and passion for design set her apart from the rest.

Who Wins Design Star: Next Gen?

The seventh season of the popular home design show “Design Star” is now airing on HGTV, with twelve new contestants vying for the top prize. But who will ultimately win the title of “Next Gen”?

The competition is fierce, as the contestants are all extremely talented designers. But in the end, only one can be crowned the winner. So who will it be?

Here is a look at the top five contenders, based on their previous design work and the challenges they have faced on the show so far.

5. Kelli Ellis

Kelli Ellis is a well-known interior designer who has worked on projects for celebrities like Courteney Cox and Selma Blair. She is a strong contender in the “Next Gen” competition, thanks to her impressive design skills and her ability to stay calm under pressure.

4. Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson is a self-taught designer who has made a name for herself with her unique style. She is known for her eclectic mix of vintage and modern elements, which often results in surprisingly beautiful spaces.

3. Jasmine Roth

Jasmine Roth is a designer with a unique perspective; she specializes in designing homes that can be used as both personal residences and businesses. Her creative use of space and attention to detail have won her a lot of fans, and she is a serious contender for the “Next Gen” title.

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2. Brett Beldock

Brett Beldock is an experienced designer who has worked on projects for clients like Martha Stewart and Donna Karan. She is known for her elegant and timeless style, and her ability to create beautiful spaces on a tight budget.

1. Tiffany Brooks

Tiffany Brooks is the current frontrunner in the “Next Gen” competition. She is a young designer with a lot of talent and ambition, and she has already won the admiration of the judges with her creative projects.

It’s anyone’s guess who will ultimately win “Design Star” Next Gen, but these are the five designers to watch.

Who won the next Design Star 2022?

The next Design Star is set to premiere in 2022 and the competition is heating up. After seasons of incredible talent, the search is on for the next big name in design. So, who won the next Design Star?

The competition is intense, but there can only be one winner. This year, the judges are looking for someone with charisma, creativity, and a strong design aesthetic. They also need someone who can communicate their ideas effectively and work well with a team.

So, who will be the next Design Star? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure – the competition is going to be fierce.

Who won Design Star: Next Gen episode 2?

On last night’s episode of “Design Star: Next Gen”, the finalists were tasked with creating a retail display for the home furnishings company, HomeGoods.

The display had to incorporate at least one piece of furniture from the company’s new Modern Farmhouse line.

In the end, the judges chose Jenni Jones as the winner.

Jones, who is from Atlanta, Georgia, said that she was “over the moon” when she was announced as the winner.

“This has been such an amazing experience,” she said. “I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Jones’ display featured a farmhouse table and chairs from the HomeGoods Modern Farmhouse line.

The table was surrounded by benches made from reclaimed wood, and the walls were decorated with vintage signs and quilts.

Jones said that she was inspired by the modern farmhouses she had seen while traveling in the south.

“I wanted to create a space that would make people feel like they were at home,” she said.

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In addition to the $10,000 prize, Jones also won a trip to Italy.

The other finalists were Ashley Nell Tipton, who won last season’s “Project Runway” show, and two contestants from last season’s “Design Star: Next Gen” show, Kaitlyn Jenkins and David Bromstad.

Who is the new Design Star?

The new season of “Design Star” is heating up with twelve new designers competing for the top spot. This season, the judges are looking for someone who can not only design beautiful rooms, but also has the business savvy to make a career out of it. So, who is the new Design Star?

The show has undergone some big changes this season. The most noticeable change is the new host, HGTV’s own Vern Yip. Vern is a successful designer himself, so he knows what it takes to make it in the industry. He’s also a great mentor, offering the contestants valuable advice and support.

The other big change is the format of the show. This season, the designers are competing in teams of two. This creates a lot of drama and tension, as the designers are constantly competing against each other. It also makes for some great design challenges, as the teams have to come up with creative solutions that work together.

So, who are the twelve designers competing for the top spot? Here’s a quick overview:

• Alaric Valerius and AJ Valerius are a father-son team who are both passionate about design.

• Anya Ayoung-Chee is a fashion designer who won Season 9 of “Project Runway”.

• Ashley Nell Tipton is the first plus-size designer to win “Project Runway”.

• Candice Cuoco is a designer and artist who has a unique and eclectic style.

• David Bromstad is the host of “Color Splash” and a well-known designer.

• Deana Murphy is a designer and artist who is known for her bold and vibrant style.

• Emmanuelle Villard is a French designer who is known for her elegant and sophisticated style.

• Erin Napier is the co-owner of Laurel Mercantile, a store in Laurel, Mississippi.

• Jasmine Roth is a designer and builder who is known for her modern, minimalist style.

• Jenni Kayne is a designer who is known for her sophisticated and timeless style.

• John-Richard is a designer and manufacturer who specializes in high-end, luxury furniture.

• Kelli Ellis is a designer, author, and educator who is known for her transitional style.

The competition is heating up, and the designers are giving it their all. Who will be the next Design Star? Stay tuned to find out!

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What happened to Meg from Design Star?

Meg Caswell was a contestant on the seventh season of the HGTV show Design Star. She was a favorite to win the competition, but was unexpectedly eliminated in the sixth episode.

In that episode, the final three contestants were asked to design a room in a beach house. Meg’s design was criticized by the judges, and she was sent home.

Many viewers were surprised by Meg’s elimination, and many wondered what happened to her after the show.

Meg has continued to work as a designer, and has released several collections of furniture and home accessories. She also teaches design classes and workshops, and is the author of a design book.

Meg is still active on social media, and she often shares photos and updates about her work. She is a talented and successful designer, and it is clear that she has not let her elimination from Design Star slow her down.

Who won Design Star 7?

On Wednesday night, the finale of Design Star 7 aired on Lifetime, and the winner was announced. The finalists were David Bromstad, Jesse LeDoux, and Kimberly Whitler, and it was a close race.

In the end, David Bromstad was crowned the winner. He was a favorite throughout the season, and he definitely impressed the judges with his final product. Jesse LeDoux was a close second, and he also had some strong designs. Kimberly Whitler was definitely the underdog, but she proved herself to be a worthy competitor.

Design Star 7 was an interesting season, and the winner was definitely deserving. David Bromstad is a talented designer, and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

What happened to Marcus Hamilton HGTV?

Marcus Hamilton, who was a co-host on the HGTV show “House Hunters,” has seemingly disappeared from the show and its related social media accounts.

While there is no official word on what happened to Marcus Hamilton, some believe that he may have left the show for personal reasons.

Hamilton was a co-host on “House Hunters” for many years, but he has not been featured on the show since early 2018.

His social media accounts, which were previously active, have also been inactive since early 2018.

Fans of the show are curious about what happened to Marcus Hamilton, but there is no clear answer at this point.